Every Thursday Carter has class at the Little Gym, so when I call Grandma on my way to pick him up, I always ask for a run down of how it went. So this Thursday, Grandma started laughing and proceeds to tell me, “Well, you know how lately Carter just doesn’t want to take his jacket off? He spent the entire class with it on.”

      Carters jacket isn’t just a little sweatshirt type jacket – it is a heavy coat. And in these classes kids are running and climbing and doing all sorts of things where a coat would get in the way of maneuverability. It cracks me up to imagine him running around, sweating like crazy, and flat out refusing to take his coat off. In fact the other night, he had to eat his dinner with his heavy coat on because he didn’t want to take it off.

      “He did finally take it off at the very end of the class,” Grandma told me. “Sabrina (the instructor) told him that if he wanted a stamp on his tummy, he had to take the coat off. So he took it off for that, then put it right back on.”

      Haha, I guess stamps trump the coat … well, for at least for a minute.