FINALLY was able to get the desktop computer back up and get to all the photos I have been taking over the last month. Today’s highlight has a sweet story.

      When I moved into the Renton house, I used to always put together Fuchsia baskets for along the front of the house. The very first spring a Junko bird decided to make her nest in the basket along the door. Every year she came back and I got to watch the blue little eggs hatch into sweet birds. Unfortunately, Fuchsia’s and I did not do well together (I kept killing them), so I started doing Begonia’s instead. Sadly, the Junko didn’t like the begonia’s, so I haven’t seen a nest in years.

      This last year since we were selling the house, I put pansies in the basket so that there was early Spring color to make the house look nice. Then one day I noticed this:


      And then five days later:


      Seemed like a wonderfully fitting good bye.


      btw like the new header! some good lookin boys you got there! xo

      Oh that is sweet! And I regularly kill fuschias too. Sigh.