Carter seems to have really evolved in the last two weeks to better understanding concepts and being able to answer questions that aren’t Yes, No, or an option that you have presented. After picking him up I asked him what he did that day. Normally I am greeted with silence or “YAH” after I point out what he did.  But on Wednesday, he was quiet a moment, then responded with “Play Leaves.” He and Grandma had been playing in the leaves all afternoon. This is a HUGE jump forward for him because he had to understand what I was asking and then come up with an answer all on his own.

      On Friday, Carter was standing at the backdoor at Grandma and Grandpa’s saying, “Get Ball” and pointing. Grandpa opened the backdoor and Carter ran outside, grabbed Kati’s ball and came back in. He is now doing two and three words together pretty regularly – it was like he just turned a corner and really started stringing things together.

      Carter loves to play hide and seek, but it usually entails one of us hiding and him coming to find us. Recently though, he has taken to hiding and having us come find him!

      And the last fun thing … we have an “ABC” game on the computer and we will ask him to find a letter and press it. He gets the letters right about half the time, but the big thing is he now recognizes letters on shirts, blocks, and books and understands they are letters. So now we are working on spelling different things. On our car rides home, he tends to have to rip off his shoes and socks so we make a game out of “S-H-O-E SHOE! SHOE SHOE!” “S-O-C-K SOCK! SOCK! SOCK!” and “F-O-O-T FOOT! FOOT! FOOT!” He thinks it is pretty funny and keeps trying to spell words.



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