So.  Yeah.  Weeeelllllll…….  I have been fighting with it for some time, wanting to do the right thing because, you know, I work for a really big corporation.  But today the consumer side of me won out.  I bought the new 16GB iPhone with video capabilities.  And I LOVE it.  Within two minutes could never imagine my life without it, LOVE it.  As in it is now ranking up there with my DVR and my Keurig LOVE it.  And I am going to make Jeremy buy one and get us on a family plan because in ten minutes he had an app that was streaming our home videos from our home server on it, LOVE it! 

      And the good corporate citizen side of me is so disappointed, because I would be more than willing to have purchased something from within the Windows Mobile suite of products if it was comparable.  But there is NOTHING.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  And we have been in the market LONGER.  Dis-a-ppointed.

      So in the meantime, let me know if you have any app recommendations because my life has now changed ;-)   EEEEEEE!


      hahaha! welcome to the dark side ;-)

      Yaaaaaay! Remind me to get you a list of fun/useful apps. :-) For example, the flashlight -that we use every night to check on the babies….. lolol