Last night the “older” girls on my side of the family got together for a fun night out. Since Melissa is now 16 and driving, what better thing to try than Corks and Canvases, a company owned by my sister-in-laws neighbor. It was such a fun night filled with a lot of wine, some painting, and commentary on those with talent and those without – you can decide who falls into that bucket. I highly recommend going to one of these events – it really was a lot of fun!

      I brought my camera along and had a LOT of wine, so I didn’t futz with the settings within the low light like I normally would. In the end though, I think it is the perfect visual commentary on our entire evening.

      The drink on the left is the wine we had at Kimmy’s house before even heading to the event. Then the girls are all ready to paint! (Left to Right: Kimmy, Melissa, Kim):test-11

      Here are two photos that Kimmy took of my mom and I – I have a lot of jokes about why I had to post two photos in order to see us both in focus, but this time I will give the blame to me not setting the camera up better from the start to deal with low lighting.  Or maybe it was the wine…


      Full glass of wine – check! Background painted – check!


      And moving onto more sophisticated stuff:


      Progress being made as we carve out our rivers:


      And then there is Grandma … overachiever:


      I will let you guess whio each of these belong to, but I have to say that the smiley face was the best addition to a painting I have ever seen!


      Hard at work … Those two bottles don’t drink themselves you know…


      Hmmm… which one is mine, which one is Grandma’s? Mine doesn’t do justice to the water dripping off of it when I tried to aggressively “blend” at one point:


      Melissa is as serious about her painting as Grandma (clearly she got the painting gene and I did not). Kimmy on the other hand, well, this sums her up perfectly.


      Finishing touches, including some mocking going on in the background:


      And a final product:




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