We got an unexpected visitor this week when my 18 year-old niece came by to hang out one evening. She just returned from a trip to Honduras and a family trip to Montana, and before we know it she is off off to WSU (Washington State University) this August. We haven’t seen too much of her this summer because she has been traveling and it was so much fun to catch up and hear about her adventures! The boys were pretty stoked to have their cousin around, particularly Carter who always tells everyone, “My cousin Melissa is 18 and she is a grown up. She is going to college.” And I am not kidding – he tells EVERYONE!

      And my niece? Wow. She is just gorgeous. Both inside and out.

      We tried to teach Carter how to give her a wet-willy and he tried to stick his finger in her mouth to get it wet, lololol. I am sure Uncle Scott will correct this the next time we see him. We tried to find some strawberries to pick, the kids hung out in the Cacoon, and then we chatted a bit on the deck.