This weekend flew by and it is a miracle that I can still move (and Ian, Todd, and Mary can still move)!  We got all the landscape blocks in on Saturday and the whole yard weeded and ready to plant!  Four truck loads of dirt, over 200 bricks total (and still need some more), and enough beer and Mikes to make sure that all the helpers were happy and we got it done.  The weather was gorgeous on Saturday & pretty nice on Sunday so I spent the majority of my time outside in the yard trying to get everything done.  We still need to pressure wash the patio, driveway, and sidewalks, plant the majority of my flowers, and then bark all the flower beds.  I put together my begonia baskets in the front, two big barrels of wave petunias in the back, and two star jasmine that smell incredible next to our lounger.

      Saturday was the first time that I wasn’t within 50 feet of Carter – he and daddy went on dirt runs together and spent the whole day hanging out.  It was so strange to just feed him, then leave him … by the end of the day I missed him so much!  This is not a good sign for me returning to work ;-)  He went 9 hours on Saturday night to Sunday morning without feeding (sleeping about 6.5 of the 9 hours).  I woke up after 7 hours panicked that he hadn’t woken up to feed yet and then spent the next two hours stressing about him.  I finally had Jeremy go wake him up & change him at the nine hour mark because that was too long for him to go without eating (for both him and me).  You would think I would celebrate a nine hour stretch, but it freaked me out!!

      Tonight I am attempting my first soccer game … everyone think good thoughts for me, I am a little freaked out over how this is going to end up ;-)