Yup – it is August first. HOW. DID. THAT. HAPPEN?!?! I have roughly six weeks until I return to work, Gavin is now completely weaned (last Thursday was our last feeding – so bittersweet), and now I need to start focusing on getting back in shape for the half marathon in October. While my 10 week running program doesn’t start until August 8th, today is the day where Jeremy and I kick off the 17 day diet program. Quick synopsis – it is four (well, really three) 17 day cycles to cleanse your system and reset your metabolism, all with fairly quick results so that you stay encouraged. It has prescriptive meal planning which will help – add in a ton of running and I should be able to drop the remaining baby weight and then some. My dad lost 15lbs on this diet and I am hoping to do the same – it would be lovely to get back to the weight I was at when I was a senior in high school. However, I will still be ecstatic losing around 10 pounds, haha. Jeremy doesn’t really need to lose the weight, but he is doing it to be supportive of me, so kudos for being a good husband!



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