Well, we tried to give Carter more to eat to see if that would get him to sleep longer (2oz after feeding with me before going down to bed, then another 6oz bottle in the middle of the night) … it didn’t work.  Not sure why he is only on 3 hour stretches again, but the lack of sleep is really started to wear us down.  I keep hoping that one of these days he will change it back up, but it may not be until we get back into our routine again when we are home.

      So this morning, Grandpa headed over to the Rangers station to see if we could keep our spot one more night and was informed that the campgrounds are currently full.  Our best bet was to park in the day-use parking lot and to come back at noon to see if there were any cancellations.  The day-use lot was full yesterday, so we packed everything up right away and headed there to make sure we got a good place to park the beast.  We all talked about it and decided that we should just stay in the day-use area and then start heading up North in the late afternoon to take Jeremy back to the airport.

      Grandma and I then went on a wild goose chase to find a place to buy a large beach umbrella and a couple of beach towels.  Long story, but there was supposed to be a Target about 2 miles away … the maps in the GPS are old.  We finally made it back, packed up everything for a picnic and set off.  We claimed this great little spot on the beach, got all our stuff down, sat down, and said “We need to stay one more day.”  Poor Grandpa had to hike back to the car to drive to the Rangers station to see if we could some how get a spot again for tonight.  Luck was with us again and we are in the spot across from the one that we had last night.

      The beach was so nice today – there is something incredibly relaxing about watching and hearing the crashing surf with the warm sun on you.  Carter did great – he loved watching the kids play in the water and he took a decent nap in his bouncy seat.  We walked around with him a little after putting some sunscreen on him (it was debated on whether we should do that or not since everything says to consult a doctor when they are younger than 6 months).  It was such a nice afternoon and we are going back there for the day tomorrow!

      We ended the day on a sorta sad note – Jeremy had to fly home tonight, ending his mini-vacation with us.  We hugged goodbye and figured Carter will look like a teenager by the time we get home next weekend (he is growing incredibly fast right now – I swear on this trip he has gotten a lot longer).  Safe travels Daddy!

      Here are some photos from the last couple of days: