We had another rough night on Thursday night with Carter getting up every 1-2.5 hours to eat or be comforted.  I now think that he is going through a growth spurt again – his behavior is closely mimicking the last time he had one, where he was fussy and wouldn’t sleep.  At least this time when he woke up, I caught him before he started crying so I was the only one impacted by his night.  He then proceeded to eat every 1.5-2.5 hours all day long, another indication that he is having one.

      So, onto our day… we started our morning on Friday with a nice hike along the ocean at Harris Beach State Park.  There were a couple of trails that wound down a steep grade down to an area where a huge rock had an opening that the waves would come crashing through and a tide pool was created.  Oregon beaches are much more interesting than Washington beaches – there are tons of large rocks that dot all along the beach or just off the shoreline. 

      The weather on the coastline is a lot cooler than inland, so you would think I had Carter bundled to go play in the snow!  He enjoyed the first 20 minutes or so of our walk before crashing for the next hour and a half.  :-)

      We then had a really long drive ahead of us, trying to get to Salem to the motorcycle shop so that Grandpa could get some work done on his Husky bike.  We spoke with the owner and were able to stay in the parking lot over night so that we could get the bike in first thing in the morning.

      Carter had a much better night on Friday night, going three hours between feedings and not fussing at all – I think we may now be in the clear again!  I never thought I would be cheering about getting three solid hours of sleep, but man, it felt so much better!  He woke up in a great mood this morning and only fussed a little bit while going down for his first nap.

      Now we are heading up I-5 to home, so this will be the last of our trip updates!  I can’t believe we are almost home, the last two weeks flew by.  We are both really excited to see Daddy and I think he is ready for us to be home too :-)

      Next adventure for us – getting Carter switched to formula.  Keep your fingers crossed!

      Here are some photos from our hike at Harris State Beach, enjoy!


      Wonderful pictures and blog. That boy is really showing some personality in his photos. I’m glad you were able to share such a special trip with your parents.

      Now that we are home, I had a chance to read your blog entries and see the many fine photos. Great job. Wish I was there! Wait a minute I WAS there. Fortuately I had a chance to catch up on my sleep while I was drving so I am well rested now. Another great adventure in the bank. Planning for the next one begins NOW. I am planning in the new Carter style, browsing with my tongue out. – Grandpa –

      we have that cute bib, too!