We seem to be staying at our sites until the noon check out time every day, which is nice to have slow mornings where we can take our time getting ready for the day.  Today we all took showers and gave Carter a bath, so that took up the majority of the morning.  Once we got on the road again, we continued to follow Highway 101 south through the Redwoods.  There were a few more stretches of road that included some hairpin turns and the scenery was lovely to look at.  It was in the 90s outside and we debated on going down to San Jose to get a hook up, but we would hit rush hour so we decided to knock off earlier.

      We ended our day around 4:30ish at a spot in the Bothe-Napa State Park.  It continues to be a fun challenge driving this beast through these little one-way roads with trees overhanging.  Grandpa has done an amazing job navigating – I figured by now we should have hit something. :-)

      We spent a lazy evening outside at the picnic table, eating our veggies, crackers, and cheese and having a glass of wine until the mosquito’s started to come out.  There weren’t a lot of them, but enough to head back inside.  We had one really tired little boy – Carter didn’t take much in the way of naps today.  He was in good spirits, but the constant eye-rubbing & yawning made me hope that tonight he would finally get some good sleep.

      Tomorrow Daddy will be here!  Both Carter and I are really excited to see him!

      Oh, and if you want to follow our path, just click on this link and it will show you our route and where we are:



      I hope you enjoyed the Redwoods and your first day with daddy there! Looks like Carter is getting some great fresh air! I hope that is making him sleep well at night!