Well, what was scheduled to be our most uneventful day ended up being our most eventful.  We headed out of Bothe-Napa around noon and were going to try to find this state park to stay at that is near the San Jose airport so that we could easily pick Jeremy up.  We drove and drove and drove and got to the park and it didn’t have overnight camping, so we ended up at the Wal Mart parking lot.

      And then it happened.

      Not five minutes after we pulled in and stopped, WAY in the back of the parking lot away from the store’s entrance, but near the driving entrance, we hear the sound of tires squealing from brakes being slammed and metal crunching.  I don’t know how this happened, but two cars both tried to cut across the parking lot in between the front of the motorhome and another parked car and hit each other right in front of us.  Um, nice.

      So we pulled into another area that is away from all entrances.  We needed to re-provision at a grocery store, so Grandma and Grandpa took the Jeep to the Albertson’s that was supposed to be 2 miles up the road.  I got a phone call about a half an hour later that the store was no longer there, they were in bfe and would be awhile. 

      And then when they got back, they had grim faces … the brakes in the Jeep were about to go out.  Grandpa chanced the driving to get Jeremy at the airport, but we needed to find a place to be replaced as soon as they could.

      Thankfully Jeremy made it here without issues and we all had an extra glass of wine.  Hopefully nothing else will occur from here on out!