Grandpa got up at the crack of dawn and took the Jeep to a Les Schwab to get the brakes fixed today while Grandma, Carter, Jeremy, and I hung out in the WalMart parking lot.  Grandma kicked us out of the motorhome to go on a walk around the shopping complex so she could clean things up a bit.  We put Carter in his new umbrella stroller and set off and he zonked out about a half hour into our walk, which was great.  We weren’t sure if he would sleep in that stroller or not.  On our walk, we bought Carter a new book of fairy tales and Jeremy some sandals and me some running clothes that were on clearance (yeah … I get to start training when I get back).

      Grandpa got back around noon and we set off for our final southern destination.  About two hours later we arrived at Saddle Mountain RV Park.  Normally we avoid RV Parks altogether because they cram you into little spots with your neighbors right on top of you.  Since this is a holiday weekend and this was the only place I could find that was available, we weren’t going to complain.  In terms of an RV park, this one isn’t that bad – they tried to put large shrubs between the sites to give an illusion of privacy and there is a nice swimming pool that we might take Carter into at some point (if it is warm enough).

      Getting up to the park was interesting.  You had to cross this very narrow one lane bridge – and when I say very narrow, we are talking about maybe 6-10 inches of space on either side of the motorhome.  After you clear that, we followed a little windy road that isn’t much wider than the bridge that heads up a hill with big trees on either side and a cliff on one side.  We weren’t sure that we were going to make it.  Thankfully Grandpa proved his stellar driving skills once again (Grandma and I couldn’t look for fear of watching us go over the edge).

      When I made the reservations here, I was told there was a motorcycle race this weekend and that a lot of spots were filled up.  What I didn’t realize is that this is a MAJOR event – the MotoGP World Championship.  To say there are a lot of motorcycles in the area right now would be an understatement.  Most of the campers in the RV park have bikes and when Jeremy, Carter, and I drove into Seaside to meet up with the wedding party for drinks, I remembered why I hated motorcycle drivers in California.  They can split lanes between cars and last night they were splitting lanes between oncoming traffic going crazy fast.  EEK.