Poor Daddy.  After last night’s festivities, he was hurting this morning!  He is a trooper though, because we had a long day ahead of us.  We headed into Monterey to explore and try to find parking for the motorhome for Sunday, so we could go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (we talked about going on Sunday when it wasn’t so crowded).  We got rockstar parking for the jeep a block up from the aquarium and decided why not see it today and brave the crowds?

      The aquarium was really cool – lots of neat exhibits and we learned a lot of the history around Cannery Row.  Carter slept for most of it, but when he was awake, he was completely fascinated by the dark water with bright fish swimming.  He just studied everything so intensely!  My favorite exhibit was the Sea Horses – was hard to get photos in the low light, but there are a few that came out.

      After the Aquarium, we walked down Cannery Row and there were hundreds of motorcycles parked.  I guess after the races, they shut down Cannery Row and everyone comes and parks along either side of the street so that people can check out the bikes and talk to the racers.  It was quite the crowd to watch … street bikers are so different from dirt bikers.  We saw a couple new VMax bikes, which was cool.

      From there we headed to the beach cook out that Chad’s parents threw as an after party.  It was held at a building on the beach, where a section of the beach was roped off with lounge chairs and a bonfire.  Unfortunately Monterey didn’t have a fireworks display this year, but it was great because we didn’t have to deal with fighting for parking and a huge crowd of people.  We knocked off pretty early, as we were all really tired from the late night before.

      Carter had a bunch of firsts: his first tourist attraction, his first time putting his toes in the sand, first time seeing the ocean, first time putting his feet in the ocean (he screamed after that one too), his first fourth of July, and first bonfire!  He had a jam-packed day and did wonderfully – he is such a great baby and we are so lucky!

      Here are photos from the last two days, enjoy!