We got the most out of our hookup today, taking showers, making sure everything is filled back up and all our electronics were charged.  We headed out of the RV park around noonish and braved our way out of the narrow windy drive down a steep hill.  More stellar driving by Grandpa on that one!

      We decided to try to head out to the beach and take our chances with finding a spot at a State Park on the water.  Our first try was at New Brighton State Beach and we were in luck – they had an opening!  I guess we really were lucky – we spoke to a woman who said when she calls 8 months in advance, half the time she is unable to get a spot.  The campsites are really spacious – there are trees & bushes that separate them from one another, giving you a ton of privacy.  The state park is up above on a cliff that overlooks the ocean, though very few sites actually overlook the water.

      After setting up camp & getting Carter fed, Grandma, Jeremy, Carter, and I went for a walk on the beach.  There is a staircase down to it from the park and the beach here is really lovely.  We found out you can take dogs on it (which is great news for Kati) and it looked like a great spot for a picnic.  We decided that we would try to get another day here and do a picnic lunch tomorrow and spend the day at the beach.

      Our evening was topped off with a couple bottles of wine and some of the most expensive cheese you could imagine (from the cheese shop in Carmel) at the picnic table at our site.  Then we finished with an amazing steak and baked potato … it’s a miracle any of us could move.

      The biggest event today was Carter rolling over from his back to his front – he got really mad at one point and arched his back in protest, which set him teetering … then he kicked himself all the way over from there.  He has done it a couple of times today, so we pretty much have to watch him like a hawk from here on out!