Last weekend we took a trip to Whidbey Island to visit Jeremy’s Grandad in Oak Harbor. The drive is absolutely lovely, even on the interstate heading north. And especially as you got further north because the clouds started giving way to blue sky that we have been so desperate to see! Once you exit the interstate, you meander through some old towns like Mount Vernon that is known this time of year for the tulip festival. While it has been too cold for the tulips to really open up yet, I did see a distant field of yellow that I am guessing was daffodils.

      One of the neatest parts of the drive is going over Deception Pass. Little did my children (or husband for that matter) know is that I have been under the bridge countless times in a boat. This was a favorite passage of my parents to get to the San Juan Islands, where we would vacation every summer. The pass is gorgeous, from both above and below.

      We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Grandad, Aunt Sherry, and Uncle Tom and after lunch headed to one of the older parks in the town so the kids could run around a bit. It was a little cold out, so Grandad, Jeremy, and Uncle Tom stayed in the cars to chat and Aunt Sherry and I chased after the boys.

      The park was amazing – the old oak trees endlessly reached up and outwards towards the sky and a short distance away was the harbor with marine traffic coming and going. One of these days Jeremy and I will leave the kids home and just come explore the town so I can force him to stop and let me photograph things.

      Here are some fun photos of the boys and Aunt Sherry, having the greatest time!