Wednesday was quite an adventure – our goal was to leave New Brighten earlier in the day (which would be 10am for us) and start our trek back northward.  We knew it was going to be a long day, but our end goal was to explore some of the State Parks along the Oregon coast.

      And then it happened (this is how my family starts pretty much every story)…

      Grandpa was misled by Miss Daisy (the name for the GPS navigation system we use while traveling) and as we were at a critical juncture, we took the wrong direction.  And we got in line to head over the Bay Bridge.  With no way out.  The thought of driving a 34 foot motorhome, pulling a jeep, in traffic through San Francisco was one to make all of us repeatedly say, “Oh No.”  So, we took the very next exit off the bridge that came up on you without much warning and was under construction.  That led us on a narrow two lane road the wound around to a lookout where we could pull a U-Turn and head back to exactly where we got off the bridge. 

      Thankfully there was an onramp right for the opposite direction, but as luck would have it, we all said another “OH NO” with more emphasis when we saw the onramp.  The onramp/merge area was approximately the same length as the motorhome … without the Jeep.  Did I mention it was also at an angle that was difficult to see the traffic coming up on you, oh, and the crazy California drivers that tend to not drive under 90mph??  Yeah.  Alcohol was definitely in our sights if we could make it onto the bridge without getting rear-ended.  Let’s just say Grandpa solidified himself as a rockstar driver after getting us through that situation without incident.  I would say he might get a big head if he didn’t pull a move to knock him down a few pegs about an hour later.

      We stopped for lunch off the highway at a little park and Grandpa replenished our soda supply in the fridge from the soda’s that were in the compartment.  For those of you who aren’t as familiar with motorhomes, the compartments are accessed from outside and are these big doors that swing upwards and latch.  They are really quite large and the compartment that had the soda also contained a bunch of my clothes, Carter’s clothes, extra stuff that we needed, etc.  As we get back on the road again, we are stopped at a light about a mile after we started and some woman flags us, “Your back compartment is open!”  Boy were we lucky … as I would have lost a lot of our things had we made it to the highway with that thing open!  We have added another step in our routine of checks before we get moving again.

      Because of the snaffu turn taking us across the Bay Bridge, we ended up back at the Standish-Hickey state park for the night.  It would have taken us a full two hours longer at least to get to the Oregon beaches and we were exhausted (stopping around 5:30ish already).  We ate a quick dinner and all wanted to fall exhausted into bed.  Except I didn’t tell you about sleeping on Tuesday night…

      Carter woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday and proceeded to cry uncontrollably for 45 minutes.  I think he continued to have his tummy trouble from the day before and I tried everything that I could think of to console him to no avail.  He was upset and needed to cry.  Eventually he did fall asleep, but it was rough.  So Wednesday night I figured we should be good – he had a bad night the night before, he is due for a good one now, right?  Um, right…  He was up every 1-2 hours screaming/crying all night long.  I pretty much tried to feed him every two hours to get him calmed down, but he continued to wake up every 1-2 hours anyway.  I have no idea what is going on, but it is safe to say, I am exhausted.

      Tonight we are staying at Harris Beach State Park in Oregon – we have a full hookup, so baths and showers are in our very near future.  Tomorrow I think that we will try to go on a few of the hikes that are in the area & take some pictures.  It is really pretty here and sounds like we got the last site available (whew!).


      OH NO! Good story though :-)

      omg! what a day! hang in there, Carter is bound to crash at some point (right?!?)