I think it is safe to say that I got over keeping Carter strapped in his carseat while we travel pretty quickly.  At our first rest area stop of the morning, he was so warm that I couldn’t put him back in there to be miserable.  You figure the risks associated with something happening in a 34 foot long motorhome, riding up really high, are pretty slim.  Since we now were out and about while driving, our drive time didn’t have the limitations I initially expected, so we ended up with a long day on the road.

      We took the southern route along Highway 199, a two lane road that meandered through the Redwoods with hairpin turns that stated a 20mph speed limit.  I half expected Grandpa to pull over and get the Husky motorcycle off the back, but instead we white knuckled our way towing the jeep through the curves.  It really didn’t help that on the sharpest of turns, there was a rock wall half a foot away from the passengers side.  The road was really cool and something I would love to come back to on a bike.

      We ended up staying at Del Norte Coast Redwoods state park, which was a gem to find.  We originally were trying to stay on the coast, but the windy roads took a lot longer to navigate than what we originally were anticipating.  We were tucked into this lovely little spot with trees all around us.  You could hardly tell that there were other campers nearby.  We grilled up hamburgers and ate outside, then when Carter woke up from his evening nap, we took a stroll around the campground.

      Monday we got started around noon, after another long night with the Snuggle Bug.  He had tummy trouble again and I was up on and off with him all night, so we all slept until 8:30 and took our time greeting the day.  Monday we continued South on Highway 101 and got to see some glimpses of the ocean.  The fog was just off the water, but we could see the surf crashing into the shore.  We wanted to get around 100 miles under our belt so that we could stay at Booth Napa campground on Tuesday night.

      We ended up staying at the Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area in the Redwoods.  Our spot was right next to the cliff overlooking South Fork Eel River.  We took Carter on his first hike that went down to the river and Grandpa & Kati went swimming.  I put Carter’s feet in the water and he screamed bloody murder because the water was cold and I don’t think he was expecting it.  We got a few good photos that I will post soon.