With Thanksgiving late this year, December felt extra jam-packed. We started off by getting the house finished up with decorations and our tree finally put up.

      Luna continues to make us laugh – she kept trying to climb the tree (sadly no photos of that), so she earned her invisible fence collar finally. Now she can’t go into the living room or kitchen anymore.

      I went outside one morning to take a photo of the sun coming through the trees and turned around to find Miss Meow watching me from the window. She keeps wanting to go outside to hunt, but we want her to live to a ripe old age and won’t let her.

      Gavin had a school choir concert where he was not happy to be up in front of people and by the end of it he was using his Santa hat to mouth all the words.

      More basketball each weekend – Gavin is playing better with every game. Not pictured are the last two Select Soccer games and end of season party. Gavin is number 22 in blue, grabbing the ball.

      I had a couple of moms outings where we celebrated Kari’s birthday and then Kristen and I had some holiday rose.

      Gavin’s choir sang at the Seattle Center and the kids got to spend some time exploring MoPop beforehand. Gavin and Carter J just keep trying to meld into each other, haha. And I bribed Gavin to actually sing during this concert (and we left his hat at home).

      I got a new haircut for the new year and tried for a self portrait using off camera flash.

      Since I had the flash set up ready, I had Gavin and Carter J come pose for a few fun photos.

      I am taking a class about photographing the every day moments in life and there was a section on drone photography. Since we have a drone, I decided to start using it to get some interesting footage and got a photo of my inaugural run with it.

      Carter helped lead the kids in his last elementary school holiday sing along. It was the first emotional moment where it hit me that he is in middle school next year – this was his last one! Carter is in the grey and white striped shirt on the left. He fashioned together a “mic” out of pipe cleaner for the performance.

      We did our traditional dinner and holiday shopping for each other and then dropped in at Uncle Marks new place afterwards to play pool and shuffleboard. The kids tried Din Tai Fung and LOVED it, despite Gavs crazy face. I also got approximately two photos of them together before they walked off.

      And finally we celebrated Taylor’s 18th birthday and had our Usual Suspects dinner at Daniels!

      All in all, it was a nutty December full of friends and fun and it isn’t even Christmas Eve yet!