A few days late with this post – here are all the photos from my phone this month. Not a ton of phone activity since my big camera was out WAAAAY more.

      <It was cold early in the month – 12 degrees cold. So we had some seriously frosty weather, our pond completely froze over, and there were some gorgeous sunrises. December was also the Lego Advent Calendar month, my dad had his surgery, and we got to enjoy a date night and the Christmas Tree in Redmond Towne Center>Decembe2012rLumiagraphy-1

      Little man took some random naps and we got some nice snuggles, my new friends Sandra and Jeana, Carter crashed out one afternoon, Gavin tried to take his shirt off … unsuccessfully, Gavin’s new nickname “Mini Weapon of Mass Destruction”, Carter fell asleep reading his book, girls night out drinks, the fog descends, and our first snow!>Decembe2012rLumiagraphy-2

      Some pretty awesome donuts before heading to see Santa, lots of travel time this month, including a lovely ferry ride to Poulsbo for Christmas Eve, then photos with all the cute boys on that journey (last one is my nephew Chase)>Decembe2012rLumiagraphy-3