We have been getting a lot of weather reports around here where nothing has materialized. It is hard to live in this area of the country and have any confidence in the weather people. In the last couple of months, there was supposed to be an epic windstorm that never materialized, a snowstorm earlier this week that resulted in a small dusting and then a weather system yesterday that initially was going to bring snow late in the night, then they switched it to early evening and it didn’t show until late. We got maybe 1-1.5 inches of snow and it has been snowing and raining on and off all day (which by now everything was supposed to be rain and warm … so another miss). *Sigh* The most frustrating thing is we make plans, then change these plans for things that never pan out. Actually, I think frustrating is too kind of a word…

      But on to a happier note – school was cancelled today (nothing like a 5:30am phone call to let you know) and when the boys wandered downstairs after waking they quickly went from bleary-eyed to giddy and joyful over the prospect of playing outside and missing school for the day. I love the snow and it brought up all sorts of memories of my own where we very rarely got the snow day and the prospects of sledding and snowmen and hot cocoa would make my heart sing and dance with happiness. So we have had a lot of fun today (and some not-so-fun for the littler one).

      Below is a story that I pulled together on Adobe Spark as a more creative slide show. If it doesn’t work for you, photos are posted below as well. Enjoy!
      Snow Day