My kids have always left our home phone alone … for the most part. They like to talk to Grandma on the phone and lately Carter has taken to answering it. But this weekend was the kicker. And I don’t even know how this happened.

      I was chatting with my dad, Carter picked up another handset and was on the line. After asking him repeatedly to hang up & struggling to get him to cooperate, the most unusual thing happened.

      All the sudden I hear, “This is 9-1-1, is there an emergency?”

      I stammer, “Wh-WHAT?”

      “Ma’am, is there an emergency? Do you need medical, fire or police attention?”

      “No, I am SO SORRY. My four year old got the phone. I am so so sorry.” More mumbled apologies while I raced around the house trying to find the culprit.

      The only thing I can guess is that within that struggle he activated the other line and called 9-1-1 after hearing about it.

      And boy did we have a long matter-of-fact conversation after that about the phone not being a toy and especially not calling 9-1-1. I am pretty sure he understood what he did was not good – he hid under a blanket for the next twenty minutes.




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