Had my check up today and was really glad to see the doctor. After K2 dropped two weeks ago, I have been having a lot of pelvic pressure and some sharp pains that were making me wonder if he was trying to make a break for it early.

      When I told my doctor all about this, he patiently smiled that “And I have another crazy woman to deal with” smile and explained that second kids usually drop earlier, but they still can float around quite a bit. I shouldn’t be surprised if he moved back up, then headed back down (and with this kid, throw in a few flips in there for good measure). He also explained that there isn’t much support within the pelvic floor, so that is why the pressure is so uncomfortable and potentially can hurt a bit. The shooting pains were muscle related (since I am carrying differently) and the only thing that I should really get concerned over at this point is regular contractions. Then Call. Immediately.

      Heart rate was at 150bpm, I measured at 31cm, which is smaller but still well within range, and I only gained a pound (yippee). He felt around and K2 is definitely head down right now, which I assumed since he was giving me love kicks that tried to test the elasticity of my skin at the top of my belly.

      All in all, everything is great!


      Got to Levine. Glad to hear all is well.


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