Tuesday night, K2 had a pretty good kicking fit where either his arm or foot was trying to make a break for it out of the top of me. And it HURT. He has been jammed up nice and high (I look like I am carrying a basketball on my upper abdomen).

      Wednesday I had my doctors appointment and everything looked good – he is measuring at 30cm, heart rate is 140bpm, and I go back in two weeks.

      Wednesday night, I was bending down to get something out of the freezer in the kitchen when a sharp, shooting pain erupted down my side and to the front lower abdomen. It honestly scared the crap out of me and of course my mind went to all the horrible things that could have caused this.

      I laid down right away to make sure that I could still feel K2 moving around. Before long, he was back to his normal antics of kicking me, but the movement was WAY lower and there was a lot more pressure lower.

      Because I was too freaked out about the pain and what could be wrong, I completely missed the obviousness of what had happened. Thursday morning, Grandma and I were chatting as I drove into work and she asked if maybe I dropped? I started to think about it and that totally made sense. When I got up out of the car, I looked down and the high basketball had moved down a good 5 inches and was no longer a basketball. I looked quite a bit smaller, like he moved lower and further inside of me.

      Several people that I saw early that morning confirmed that I looked WAY different than the day before and it was super noticeable – it was strange to go through such a sudden and dramatic change. We did some research and lightening  (where you drop) isn’t supposed to happen until about 4 weeks prior to labor, so I ended up calling my doctor to find out if I should be concerned. Thankfully the nurse called back and said that the baby could still move around quite a bit at this point and as long as I wasn’t have contractions, bleeding, etc. things were just fine. Whew!

      In the meantime, I am getting kicked a ton on either side of me and have to go to the bathroom every five minutes because this kid is sitting right on my bladder. The only thing that is “concerning” about this is that Grandma was on time with having Scott and early with having both Mark and I. Not sure if that will translate to me, but having to chase a toddler may end up proving to push me into labor early. Things are now a little bit more real that there WILL be another kid soon …



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