No, I did not attend a killer party this weekend :)  This is what Carter looks like when he walks around – he tries so hard to maintain his balance that it really does end up looking a bit like a drunken stumble!  Tonight at Taylor’s birthday party he was doing an awesome job keeping his balance while stringing together steps.  Object of his attention: Cousin Nikki.  He could NOT get enough of her and would either crawl or walk up to her and completely plow his face into her stomach, back, whatever.  Kind of like he does with a pillow when he was tired.  It was his Nikki-Pillow :)

      Other notable news: On Friday Carter randomly started clapping all by himself.  And not the closed fist, smash your hands together kind, but open palms & making noise!  Grandma has been trying to work on Pat-A-Cake for ages with him and now he does it all the time by himself, completely unprompted.  Well, he gets excited and claps, so sorta prompted!

      He is now also pointing with his arm at things – he doesn’t have his index finger extended, more like a closed fist, but he uses the general direction that his arm is going to point at something.  Not really sure where that came from either!

      And last, but not least, our boy has a strong will with a bit of a temper.  If he struggles to do something, get something, or is prevented from doing what he wants, he pretty much has a melt down.  Jeremy asked me yesterday if we had a two year old.  Uhhhh, maybe?  I think that our toothless wonder may FINALLY be starting to cut his first tooth.  He is on the crabbier side these days (crabby for him, which isn’t too bad) and acts like he isn’t feeling good.  Maybe we will get lucky and he will have a tooth by his first birthday?


      It’s amazing how different babies are – our friend Sebastian is a few weeks younger than Carter but is working on his SEVENTH tooth. Yikes!


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