Been a crazy couple of days and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and process the photos I took on Easter. They are going to come in two batches – the first will be Easter morning and then I will do a batch from Easter afternoon at my parents house.

      Carter decided that both boys should wear their Santa pajama’s Saturday night, hence the more encompassing holiday spirit.

      Probably the funniest and most surprising part of Easter was Gavin. He hasn’t been into holidays much – doesn’t want to open presents, etc. And even at the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt on Saturday he couldn’t really care. He thought stomping on the eggs was WAY more fun. But for some reason something clicked for him on Easter morning. All the sudden he would see an egg and then point and yell, “EEEEEGGGGGG!” as loud as he could and run to it. Then Carter started doing it. For a good half hour all we could hear was “EEEEGGGGG!” followed by a squeal and little feet running as fast as they could. It was a good time.

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