Today is Gavin’s 8 week birthday – I cannot believe how fast time has flown by and he is already eight weeks old! And here is the list:

      • Gavin is SUCH a good sleeper. He is now consistently going anywhere from 5 to almost 8 hour stretches at night and he is really great about napping during the day too.
      • He smiles in response to you and it is an amazing smile. He and Carter as a baby look alike when they smile.
      • When you make an “oooooo” sound at him, he will coo back at you and start grinning. It is adorable!!!
      • I am thinking he is a total mama’s boy – when he is fussy, if I lean in and cuddle him, he calms down within seconds. I am so going to eat that up as long as I can!
      • He is so mellow and such a good baby. Gavin hardly ever fusses and when he does it is always for a reason (hungry, tired, diaper, etc). It is very easy to take him places because of this!
      • His eyes look like they are going to turn brown – I see more brown coming in around his pupils, so it looks like I will have one blue eyed boy and one brown eyed one.
      • He is starting to stay awake longer stretches now and seems to be getting into more of a pattern (sleeps all night, awake for about 2 hours, takes a nap, awake for a few hours, takes a nap, etc.).
      • Speaking of being awake, his stretches of staying awake are much longer now and he is kicking around way more. The mellow in him may only be a phase (though I hope not).
      • He is BIG – I think we will be in the 3-6 month clothes soon because his arms and legs are too long for the 0-3 already! We have his 2 month appointment in a week and I am curious to see what his stats are going to be.

      So far I have loved all the challenges and fun of having two boys. The adjustment from one to two kids has been much easier than I was anticipating since Gavin is such an easy baby. Well, mainly it is because I am sleeping too – with Carter I have now realized I was an absolute wreck most of the time!

      And it also helps that Carter LOVES his baby brother. More often than not he just hugs and kisses Gavin and knows to be gentle with him. We have only had one incident where I was in the shower and Carter tried to push over the rocker Gavin was sitting in (let me tell you the shriek/scream that came outta me on that one rivals the best out there). Thankfully he wasn’t able to push it over and no damage was done, but the time out after that was the longest Carter has ever had.

      Despite the minor hiccups we have, each day has been so wonderful with them, I am loving every moment!



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