Tuesday – Twin Lakes, Washington to Home

      We took our time making breakfast and packing up – none of us wanted to leave. We had such a great weekend, with so many new experiences for the boys.

      We decided to take the longer way home from a time perspective so that we could drive a different route that neither of us had ever taken. We followed Bridge Creek Road to Cache Creek Road through the Colville Indian Reservation on the Kettle River Range. We then headed North on the 155 through Omak, past Okanogan, along the Columbia River, then cut on Highway 2 over to Cashmere and Leavenworth. The drive was gorgeous and reminded me again that we live in such a beautiful state. The way scenery can change drastically in just a few hours was incredible.


      This trip was one of the best ones we have had as a family. The boys did wonderfully (with the exception of the daze Gavin was in because he wasn’t napping well) and we tried a bunch of new things together. Being completely disconnected from technology was great – we were truly present with each other, enjoying each moment and not half-engaged while looking at phones/laptops. It makes me start contemplating some new rules for our household that puts some parameters around electronics usage. We shall see if Jeremy goes for it though…

      All in all, I am so glad we went. I am really looking forward to going back. And each time I think back on the weekend, I smile at the wonderful time that was had.



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