We just left Carter upstairs after checking on him the second time.

      C, yelling from his room, “MOM! DAD! Come quick!”

      I tromp back up the stairs, ready to go through the whole ritual of threatening to turn his light off and close his door to get him settled down and in his bed.

      C (Again): MOM! DAD! Come quick!

      Me: What’s the matter Carter?

      C: There’s a ghost over there! (while pointing to the shadow that his Thomas the Train bed makes.

      Me (desperately trying to not laugh): A ghost?

      C: Yea! A Ghost!

      Me: Do you know what a ghost is?

      Carter looks at me blankly. Then looks at where the ghost is supposed to be.

      Me: What’s a ghost?

      Carter pauses again, still looking at the space he is pointing to, then turns to me.

      C: It’s a DINOSAUR!