For the last day of school and in celebration of Fathers Day, Carter’s preschool hosted a picnic at a local park. There were dad and kid games, a playground to play on, and the weather held out. Carter loved all the games and participated in them all – there was a relay race, a frog jump race where kids crawled under the dads legs and dad jumped over them, a three-legged race, balancing a grape on a spoon race, holding a balloon between their faces race, and finally Carters favorite called the “cookie maker” where all the dads stood shoulder to shoulder in two lines facing each other, linked arms across to create a platform where the kids get bounced down. It was pretty fun! Cousin Nikki joined us for the festivities and was a huge help with keeping Gavin occupied so I could get some photos.

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      Being a Dad is the coolest thing ever. You captured the happiness well.