So my recaps of my training for the 5k at the end of the month have been absent for the last two weeks and I have to fess up that my last run was a soccer game two weeks ago. So now I have three weeks to kick myself into gear. Thankfully I know I can run three miles – it may not be pretty, but I can run it.

      We had our house warming party on Saturday and the turnout was great. Some family I hadn’t seen in awhile was able to make it, a bunch of our friends and several of our new neighbors. The flurry of activity leading up to it was insane though – I got all the photos and art hung around the house, I had to print off new photos so that Gavin was represented, and there were only a couple of rooms where we just shoved things in a closet so that the room looked cleaned up. So we are now basically in, after only a month and a half! A little crazy, but we knew the deadline would force us to not live among boxes forever.

      I had grand plans to take a bunch of photos of the party, but when you host, I am finding it hard to keep food flowing, show people the house, and socialize a little bit. So needless to say, I didn’t take any at all. Ah well!

      One of the highlights for me was watching the kids run around the yard. Carter was exhausted after being outside all day with all the older kids – he had such a great time! And I love love love entertaining out there. I will start taking photos of the house and posting them, now that we are closer to being done. Last big thing is to get a color consult so that we can paint!