On Friday we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo with Carter’s preschool class and Gavin and I tagged along for the trip. Soooo, Gavin is a runner. He thinks it is great fun to look at you, grin wildly, then spin around and run the other way. Doesn’t matter what you are doing, where you are, he just knows … really knows, that it is way more fun for other people to watch an adult screaming wildly and running in a panic after a toddler going into traffic <or insert other wildly horrible situation here>. Yes. That would be my youngest. Did I get a break with having one hard kid and one easy one? No. I think not.

      I brought the stroller to strap him in when things got bad, but for the most part, I asked Carter to just hold his hand. It was really quite sweet. And Carter was the bigger offender with running off with his classmates where I couldn’t see him.



      Just when I thought you posted the best ever “brother buddies growing up” photo, you surpass it.