These weeks seem to be the LONGEST WEEKS EVER. And then the weekends completely fly by. On the bright side, today is friday and we are heading to the cabin this weekend for some Autumn fun with Denise, Marcello, Domenic, and Cole! Denise is running the Leavenworth half marathon and I can’t believe it was a year ago that I did it! Next year we made a pact to do it together – it will be my “get back in shape” goal again after K2 (that would be kid #2).

      Saw something exciting and a bit frightening (for this year because I am pregnant) on the news. We are showing signs of having “..the most intense La Nina conditions since 1955…” and it is looking like our winter is going to shape up to be snowy! I love the snow and am excited to see it, however being pregnant, I do not love driving in the snow and am not excited about that part. Jeremy made me sit in the backseat at one point when I was pregnant with Carter. It was ugly.

      And on the Carter news – we are trying to get him to adjust from two naps to one. He keeps dropping his afternoon nap and with all the reading I have done, that is the first indication that it is time to move him to one nap. And let’s just say our wonderful little boy acts possessed when he is tired and for the next month or so, I have a feeling he will be channeling all sorts of interesting characters as he tries to work through to one long nap.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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