While the weeks are passing by quickly and we have settled into a good daily routine, I have to say that I am very happy that it is Friday.  Two days of nothing but laziness looming ahead sounds beyond lovely, especially because this will likely be our last weekend with nothing planned until after the holidays.  I am sure we will fill the time with all sorts of things – like buying Carter new PJs because he outgrew his 6-9 month size.  Um, he is 7.5 months old and is too tall for the 6-9 month size.  What the heck?

      Jeremy attended Little Gym class yesterday with Carter and Grandma and apparently we had another first.  Carter stood all by himself for about 20 seconds!  Once he figures out balance, we are going to begin the wonderful phase of full-on chasing.  It has already started to some degree now, where Carter will head towards an area he knows he is not supposed to be, turns back to grin at you impishly, and then goes as fast as he can to see if he can beat you there.  Yup, walking is going to throw a whole new level of tiredness into the mix for us.

      Here is another Friday photo from the same shoot I posted last, I keep learning more in Lightroom and am LOVING it!



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