Saturday’s Coping with Labor class wasn’t probably one that we needed to go to – it really just reiterated what we had already learned in our child birth class last weekend.  Only addition was a scarring “unedited” videos that made me nauseous to watch.  Again, ignorance is bliss.  While I appreciate the miracle of life, I would be much happier if there really was a stork that delivered you your child at the end of the day.

      We headed to babies-r-us after our class and purchased our glider, ottoman, changing table, breast pump, stroller & carseat combo, and the pack & play.  Basically all the really big ticket items that we needed to eventually get.  But the biggest thing was the carseat – now we can at least bring the baby home if it comes early!

      I am definitely getting bigger – I got two pairs of slip on shoes this weekend and my mom and I headed back to babies-r-us where we picked up mattress pads and cradle sheets and a diaper bag.  Just a few small things so that if the baby does come early, it has a place to sleep all set up.  Of course all this preparedness means that it will be late ;-)