And so begins the great catch-up of 2015! Let’s get back to our adventure – you can check out the first day of our roadtrip and who Mancouver is here.

      Neither kid fell out of bed, so we considered our first night in the hotel a success. Sometimes it is the little things! After waking, opening the advent calendars (yes, we slogged those things on our trip) and playing for a little bit, we set out for some breakfast. I wanted to find the little Café that Denise and I discovered on our last trip up here, but not having a mobile plan that covers us in Canada, we found life to be much more difficult. Really, how did people function without having access to a GPS at your fingertips?? Haha! Needless to say, kids were melting and we couldn’t find it, so off to Starbucks we went! It was a small Starbucks … in the business district … with two boys who needed food and had walked a bit. Let’s just say some people thought they were cute. Others were terrified and couldn’t get out of the shop fast enough.

      Finally fed and happy, we adventured out to walk around the city a bit and check out a festival called the “Christmas Village” in the middle of city. I found a fun spot next to a church to take some portraits of the boys and got fifty faces from Gavin. We hit up the local Michaels craft store so the boys could pick out Christmas presents for each other, had to find a bathroom a few times for the little people, got more coffee and walked a lot. As we were finally about a block from the Christmas village, Gavin started an epic meltdown. Even promises of Mr. Mancouver inside wouldn’t quiet him. They only took cash to get into the festival, so Jeremy hauled a crying Gavin to the cash machine as I looked around at the lines with Carter (who was telling me he didn’t want to go). A sweet couple with a two year old girl approached me and asked if I would like their extra ticket to get in. They apparently are season ticket holders, come every year, and one ticket gets them both in because their toddler is free, so they had an extra ticket for admission for two. They told Carter about a cool carousel inside and he perked right up, keen to get in. It was such a wonderful random act of kindness.

      In the meantime, Gavin continued to melt … and melt. He pulled it together to get some funny photos, but then immediately started crying because he wanted to go on the carousel. We got in line and he was so happy during the ride, but then fell apart again when we were done. Carter and I tried to meander through some of the cute Christmas booths they had set up, but Gavin’s continued performance meant that we needed to head out before we were asked to leave. We were pretty sure the kids were hungry and had really walked a ton by this point. Carter wanted to go to the same restaurant we had linner at the day before and Jeremy and I were too tired to argue to try a new place. So off we set … and then poor Gavin just couldn’t go anymore, begging to be carried. Photos of everything below, including the view from our room at the end. To be continued soon…