We have been so busy this last week that my original plans for 10 on 10 were a bit thwarted. The 10 on 10 installment will come out on the 24th for this month, so I guess that means 10 on 24 instead.

      Saturday we had the Halbert-Butler birthday party where we celebrated Gavin turning 2, Carter turning 4, Chloe turning 13, and Jeremy turning 36. The original plan was to have the whole family over early to spend the day together, then leave in the late afternoon to see AmaLuna, the Cirque du Soleil show that is in town. But then Chase made the varsity soccer team at Seattle Prep and had a preseason tournament that late morning (which is AWESOME – we are so proud of him!). So we had a quick lunch late in the afternoon, a quick happy birthday and presents opening, and then headed off to the show.

      Here are a few snapshots of the day – I made the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcakes and four small individual cakes for the birthday folks. Those cupcakes are awesome. We lucked out and actually had a sunny and beautiful day Saturday, so we all bundled up and ate our lunch outside. Gavin didn’t want to open any presents, he was too into his cake so I didn’t really get many photos of him. And none of us are used to the sun yet, hence the squinty eyes in most of the photos. Enjoy!