Tuesday was a big day for Carter – his first day of Kindergarten! He was up early and told me that he needed a good breakfast of cheerios, then he was going to go upstairs to brush his teeth and get dressed so that we could go. It was so fun to see him so excited.

      Carter knew one little boy in his class, Tyler, who we met over the summer through some friends. When they spotted each other in line, you could see them both relax a bit since they knew they had one person in this swarm of kids. And what a swarm it was… As we were walking Carter to his classroom, you could see him work really hard to not be overwhelmed by all the big kids running around. The only point I saw him struggle against tears was when we took his photo in front of the school sign – you could tell he was processing everything and trying to hold it together (which he did wonderfully).

      When I picked him up that afternoon, he was bubbling over with delight and excitement still. I asked him what they did and got, “We colored – I need to finish my apple coloring when we get home. We went to recess, but couldn’t go on the upper playground. Only the 1st and 2nd graders could do that. We went to the library and we get to go back again next Tuesday. And Mrs. McCurry read us a story and we sang a song.” Then a bit later I learned he met the principal (who is new this year) and he was cracking up at how the principal couldn’t find his office and gets lost all the time. And that he was new to the school, just like Carter.

      The best part of pick up was when Gavin saw Carter and yelled his name and tackle-hugged him. Those boys missed each other. And my heart melted.

      Here are some photos of our drop off on the first day:

      Standing on the front porch, excited and ready to go!


      He is doing great, but starting to get a little overwhelmed. I am so proud that he pulled it together fast!


      This sign where he is supposed to line up every day before school:


      Humoring me while he waits in line with the insane amount of kids and adults buzzing around:


      Waiting expectantly as Mrs. McCurry does a head count:


      On his way past me as the kids file into the hallway towards the classroom:


      Remembering to finally wave good bye to us as he goes into the building:


      And then this little monkey and I had some fun playing Paw Patrol while Carter was gone!





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