This January has been busy, but not so much in the photography department. Most of my time was spent painting our bonus room (separate post on that soon), but there was some fun to be had around the house.

      Thankfully the kids went back to school on January 2nd. While I loved the time off with them over the holidays, I was VERY ready for them to get out of the house. The bickering and anxiousness for another change in routine was starting to come to a crescendo and we all needed a break from each other. The kittens were unaffected and just loved the snuggle time.

      Nature reminded us that she was still very much part of our lives. We experience a big wind storm that was loud and made the trees in the back sway dangerously. It took out some extremely large branches off of a tree in our front yard that we didn’t find until the next afternoon. We also had some spectacular sunrises. I caught a couple of them coming through the trees, but our view of the rising sun with all the color tends to be blocked by the trees to the east of us. I also took a quick photo of one on my way across 520 one morning.

      There was also time for a little bit of goofiness. The boys transitioned back to school with only a few melt downs surrounding the change. Gavin had basketball practice and two games. Carter has been scheduled for patrol at school, doing the valet service to open doors for people. There have been time outs, there has been a lot of laughter and they have started playing bey blade again, battling each other and then arguing about it. Good times. They did creatively bring out a flash light for a few battles. The house is only quiet when they are asleep or at school and I honestly would not have it any other way! Jeremy had his first business trip of the year (with a bunch more on the horizon), so we had to find our groove again without his presence at home after a month of having him around.