Poor Grandma.

      Carter’s first night away was about as eventful as we expected. It took Grandma until around nine to get him settled down for the evening and just as she was going to bed around eleven, he woke back up. Then she got to experience the joy of “light sleeping” Carter when he wakes up after only a few hours of sleep. You could get him completely asleep on your lap, but the second you try to put him back down, he wakes right back up.

      At midnight she finally was able to get him into her bed, where they both restlessly slept until around 5am. Carter woke up and wanted nothing to do with being on the bed, so they moved back into the rocking chair where they both dozed until around 7am.

      In the meantime, it was strange not having to be on the quieter side while he was upstairs asleep. We got our office cleaned up (it has been a complete wreck), the new computer set up, the old computer set back up, and the downstairs cleaned up of toys.

      Soon that will all be over, Jeremy should be back any time now with Carter and we will finally have our little guy home!



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