I took a crazy number of photos this weekend, so I am going to have to break this post out into several posts. It is going to take me time to get through everything, edit, and post. This is just the first handful, so if you were there and aren’t in them, fear not … You will get your turn.

      I have to throw out some serious kudos to Heather, a friend of our family. At almost 12, she learned how to ride a dirt bike this weekend and picked it up faster than anyone I have ever seen. She went from the “kid” bike and finished on one with a clutch. She was ripping it up out there!

      {Carter hanging out at the site with his earphones on, Gavin eating a cracker on a bike/Our site set up/Heather & Ryan (#94) riding}Mattawa1-1Mattawa1-2{Heather riding with a nice view behind her, Kimmy helping Nikki get her bike started/Grandpa tearing it up/Nikki riding, Grandpa riding}Mattawa1-3{Ryan & Heather lounging, Carter with his helmet on/Nikki and Carter at the site, Ryan and Heather/And a lovely Heather hanging out}Mattawa1-4