Yesterday morning after watering the yard and before the heat set in, Carter and I went on our three mile run!  The BOB stroller is awesome & he was out after about the first 10-15 minutes.  It was super easy to push and there is a hand brake to assist on the downhill places.  I made it all three miles – the Soos Creek trail is a little over a mile from our house, so I ran to the trail and on it a little bit before turning around and heading back.  The trail goes for almost 6 miles, so my longest run (12 miles) I can go from the house to the end of the trail and back!  I used my Garmin watch, so I need to figure out how to upload and track all my runs now. 

      I am supposed to run four miles tomorrow, but it is supposed to get to 100 degrees.  Today it was 77 degrees at 9am … um, 77 is usually our high temperature for the day!!  And now it is 11:30am and already 85.  The Air Conditioner is working wonders – the house is at 75.  Prior to getting it, we would have been warmer inside than out, so it is making a huge difference.  I also bought blackout curtains for the media room since it is harder to circulate air over to that side of the house.  I think I am going to go back and buy a set for our bedroom now because they work well!

      I filled up Carters inflatable pool with water this morning and put it in the sunshine to start heating up throughout the day.  We figured later this evening when it starts cooling down a little more, we will put him in there to splash around a bit.  I am sure we will take pictures and video :-)

      Oh, and Carter is 18 weeks today.  On Sunday he randomly started to do raspberries with his tongue and yesterday he held his bottle all by himself for a little bit!