I have been in awe lately. In awe over how big my boys are getting. It seems each week they need me less and less. Each week they hit a different kinds of milestone than the rapid baby development that we were so used to watching. They hit kid milestones now.

      And in this milestone, Carter is on his very first t-ball team. And he is having a blast. It helps that his good friends from school Jackson, Bruce, and Lucas are all on the team with him and oh my gosh, it is so fun to watch them.

      Here is Bruce during the warm up and first run around the bases. Bruce is the happiest kid I have ever met – he was smiling the whole time he was out there and it was completely infectious for the rest of us. You can’t help but love this kid.


      Coach Jeremy had to lead by example … I guess I know where my kids get the “I can’t believe you are taking a photo of me right now” look.T-Ball2014-1

      Running the bases … and running out their energy. Lucas is in the green sweatshirt and Jackson is in the Spiderman sweatshirt.T-Ball2014_4x6_4x3-5

      These two … we are soooo in for trouble with them.


      Learning how to hold your mitt and the ball was up next.


      Uh yeah, this would be my kid.


      This is little Miss Addie. She is the lone girl in the sea of four boys and their three younger brothers.


      And this is my absolute favorite photo from the day. Those faces kill me.