If you can believe it, I have never put together a Lego set in my entire life. Carter has received a few in the last year, but that always tends to fall to Jeremy’s area of expertise as I go on my merry way.

      Today that changed – he was being such a good kid and really, really, REALLY wanted to put together the set he got last night from Auntie Denise & family. So I broke into the box and discovered THREE bags of legos for the set. And a LOT of little pieces. So I started with bag one and told Carter that he would need to wait until Daddy was off of work tonight to finish bags two and three.

      But then I am a sucker.

      Here is the completed set:LegoSet-7629My favorite thing about the set – Robin hanging upside down:Robin-7628And of course we have Batman:Batman-7627

      And here is where Carter had to write his name on the computer:


      And big Thank You to Auntie Denise, Uncle Marcello, Domenic and Cole for the great Christmas on New Years Day!


      That is a pretty cool Batman!

      Welcome to adult enjoyment of Legos lol

      Carter did an excellent job typing in his name :)