Normally to set myself up for a successful day, I only try to tackle one thing.  One thing on the schedule (be it laundry, a walk, errands) and that is it, so I have a whole entire day to get it done and am not traumatized that I couldn’t squeeze everything in.  Well, on friday – I had THREE things that I had to do and um, well, I don’t like setting myself up for failure.   My day started off with my check up with Dr. Levine in the morning, then I had to try to get the car packed up and be at Jeremy’s work by 3pm (hoping for no meltdowns so that I could run around and get everything done), and then get to the cabin for the weekend.  Thankfully Carter was an absolute angel during the day and was in such a good mood that we were able to do all of it with zero meltdowns!  And we only had one stop to feed about 45 minutes from the cabin, so the car ride was great too.

      My doctor’s appointment went very well – I got the all clear to resume normal activities, including running & soccer.  Why I am excited to be able to run baffles me as well, but hey – when you can’t do something is when you want to the most!  In fact, I went for a one mile run this morning at the cabin … not a long distance and my legs felt fine, but MAN – I couldn’t breath!  I had to stop at one point because my lungs actually hurt, so my lung capacity is horrible and I definitely need to work on building that up. 

      Now that I know that I can start running, I am going to publicly tell everyone that my goal is to run a half marathon in October in Leavenworth for Oktoberfest.  In fact, the day that I agreed to run this half marathon last year is the day that I found out I was pregnant!  Thankfully this time I am using this as means to get me into shape post-baby.  I figure May and June are to build me up to be able to do 3-4 miles without any issues and then I will start on an actual training schedule in July.  I have never run in an organized run before, so this should be an interesting experience!  If anyone is interested in joining me, the more the merrier so let me know.

      It is so wonderful to be back at the cabin – it has been almost six months since we have made it up here, which is too long!  We brought a whole truck load of baby equipment to leave up here (swing, bouncy chair, exercise ball, and a fun saucer for when he is older) in addition to his pack-n-play, the bjorn, toys, clothes, etc.  Man – I knew there was a lot of stuff associated with a baby, but this was actually amusing.  We have used all of it (except the saucer cause he can’t hold his head up yet), so I know we didn’t “over prepare” for him.  Carter seems to like the cabin, but has been a bit fussy today.  We think that is because he went 36 hours without an “explosion” and his tummy was hurting him.  We had a decent blowout finally and now he is peacefully sleeping in daddy’s arms.

      Last quick note is that 2 out of 3 motorcycles started without issues today too!  Todd’s bike and the 225 dual sport both fired right up, but my 200 has a dead battery, so we will need to bring a new one up on our next trip here.  We also got the canopy off the truck so that I can start in on all the heavy yard work this next week.  I will post the before, during, and after photos as a work in progress, so you can all see the “Spring transformation” our yard goes through every year :-)