Well, I am back at work this week.  Getting adjusted to our new schedule was pretty painless – I am working a 7-4, so Jeremy and I get up at the same time (5:30) to get ready for the day.  He keeps Carter at home until about 10am, then drops him off at Grandma’s.  I then pick him up between 4:30-5.  Carter has done well & absolutely loves spending the time with Grandma.  They do all sorts of fun things around the yard (looking at bugs, watching Grandpa split wood, etc.).

      I have jumped right in at work – honestly it is like I never left in a lot of respects.  My team has grown, which is very exciting and my first tasks are around getting the team set up with clear roles & responsibilities.  Fun stuff.  I have already knocked off a decent chunk of deliverables for the first week, figuring that I should deliver as much as I can while I have renewed energy :-)  I have not adjusted to only seeing Carter 3 hours a day.  I did really well during the week, but finally lost it last night.  I do not have any concerns around the quality of care he is getting (I have often said he is probably getting better care from Grandma than he would me!!), but rather I am selfishly sad to miss watching him learn and grow.  Okay, enough belly-aching!

      Our weather is turning and today it is supposed to rain buckets.  For that reason, I decided to do my 11 mile run last night after work (to miss the rain).  Grandma came over with the bike to follow me and as we got to the trail head, it started to pour.  Not just nice little sprinkles, but POUR.  We decided we were there & I needed to get it done, so let’s just do it.  Grandma deserves the best mom ever award for following me – it was miserable out and my run took me 1 hour, 58 minutes.  My pace was a bit slower than the 10 mile run, but I actually felt really good through the whole thing.  Around mile seven I was starving (still need to get some goo), at mile 8 my knees started to hurt a bit and at mile 9.5 my groin was a little sore.  Funny enough, at 10.75 miles I totally got a second wind!  I could have gone all 13.1 yesterday if I needed to, but I was happy to stop after 11.  Next weekend, 12.  EEEEK!


      You are supermom!!!


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