Every month I say it, but I cannot believe that Gavin is already five months old. Time is flying by at a pace I can’t keep up with and when I think about it, my head spins in circles throwing me into a state of complete dizziness.

      He is developing so quickly right now and I absolutely love this age. He isn’t mobile (well, sorta isn’t mobile), he doesn’t talk (except for cute baby babble), and every day he is doing something new. Here is a quick list of my favorite things:

      • He is a crazy roller – he won’t stay on his back and expertly rolls from his back to his tummy. Then he gets stuck! His arms get in the way so he has a hard time rolling the other way. He is getting some great tummy time now and it takes a good ten minutes before he starts yelling about being stuck.
      • I wouldn’t be surprised if he started crawling soon. He rotates in a circle easily, pushes himself backwards and he can get his front up and his bottom up, just not coordinated together. I am guessing that will be coming soon.
      • I think he might have a little bit of a temper that only comes out every once in awhile – when he doesn’t get fed immediately, he gets so mad! His cry turns from “I’m hungry” to “Feed me NOW <insert your favorite explicative>.”
      • He is grabbing toys, hair, anything you put in front of him with either one hand or both hands. He is really good about judging where the toy is and usually grabs things first try.
      • Gavin loves his jumperoo. When I first put him in it, he was a bit too small to really be in there and he just kind of looked around. Now when he gets excited, he launches himself up and down like crazy.
      • No more swaddling at night since he is so good at rolling over. He still wakes up probably once a night because he can’t get comfortable and is sleeping on his tummy. All you have to do is roll him back over, put his binkie in his mouth, and he goes right back to sleep.
      • He found his voice and chatters away all day (yes, another talker). It’s super cute though, he goes through screams, yells, and baby babble.
      • We started giving him a little apple sauce and he loves it. I need to be better about offering him some at each meal though – we tend to get busy and I forget. Plus I am not ready for him to start eating food yet! He is my baby!!

      Gavin is the happiest, easiest, most wonderful baby! We are so so lucky to have him. I think I say that every month, but I am so glad it is staying a consistent sentiment!



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