This is just a quick post today before I head out to my soccer game…

      Carter is five old months today!  And to celebrate the occasion, he is really ROCKING THE PARTY!  He is pushing up onto all fours now and rocking back and forth like a maniac.  He wants to move so badly – if you put your hand at his feet to make a wall, he will really get going and then launch himself forward.  And today, he pushed his knees off the ground so it was just his hands and feet in a bear crawl walk that our mean old trainer in “Extreme Body Makeover” used to make us do.  Poor Grandma.

      The internet was down at the cabin, so I didn’t get to do a post on the 8 mile run I did on Saturday.  My parents found White River road on a motorcycle ride (another post on that later), so my mom and I went back there for my 8-mile run and she followed on the bicycle.  It was so lovely – the road meandered through the woods along the river with gentle hills (so I didn’t die).  I made the run in 1 hour, 24 minutes so I am officially s-l-o-w, but I did it!!  This weekend, 10 miles.  EEEEEK!

      One more week of freedom before I head back to work.  I think I will start crying now.