Denise sent me an email on Thursday reminding me that is the milestone we are at and I have to say that it freaked me out a little bit…how did time pass so quickly??  Seemed like it was always so far away – 8 months, maybe 7 months – so far that you don’t really have to think much about it.  Four months though?  That is right around the corner … and given that we have the holidays for the next month and a half … EEEEEK!  I suddenly don’t feel very prepared…

      Work was a little crazy this week, but I managed to get most of the things done that I needed to so that by the time we headed to the cabin on Friday, I only had one deliverable that I needed to work on over the weekend.  Not too bad.  We headed to the cabin a little earlier than normal Friday night because there was a storm that was going to be passing through the mountains.  It was snowing lightly when we got to the summit and it was absolutely lovely.  All the trees looked like someone took a knife with frosting on it and coated everything.  Thankfully the roads were just wet and the traffic was light, so we didn’t have any problems at all.  When Ian and Mary arrived around 10pm that night, they said that it looked more like a blizzard up there, snowing really hard and covering the roads to the extent that you couldn’t see the tracks of the cars in front of you.  Unfortunately we still weren’t cold enough at the cabin and it just rained.  Saturday cleared up and got colder – it got into the 20s Saturday night to Sunday morning, so there is a frost covering everything this morning.  I am ready for snow up here – when the heck will that happen?

      We have a busy week ahead of us – Megan and Mike are in town, so we are going to try to spend some time with them early this week.  Thanksgiving is on Thursday and for the first time in a LOT of years, my entire family will be together!  Then mom and I always join the crazies out there for an early Black Friday morning of shopping (we go only to have fun and get into the Christmas spirit – the second we aren’t having fun, we leave).  Then Friday afternoon I am on camera duty while Jeremy, Mark, Kim, and the kids ride a track in Monroe for the afternoon.  Saturday and Sunday we need to get all the house decorations taken care of because we have our holiday party scheduled a week from then.  Should be fun!

      So the baby this week – we are now entering week 23.  I read on the What to Expect email that over the course of the next four weeks, the baby will double in size.  Let’s just say this is disconcerting, as it took 23 weeks for the baby to be one pound … now it will gain another pound in 4 weeks?!?  Guess it will be interesting to see how big I get by Christmas…  Things are still going really well – baby is moving quite a bit, so I now feel it daily which is kind of a fun reminder that the little guy is in there.  I am finding that I am a little more tired this week- not sure why that is, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I am a wreck the next day.  The baby is now aware of motion and can hear sounds outside of the womb, so our loud family Thanksgiving is going to be it’s first introduction to the chaos :)

      I hope that this finds everyone well and we wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


      I love the way you guys do Black Friday!  Maybe I will pick up that tradition :-)


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