Wow. Gavin is four months old. How. Did. That. Happen?! And what did we do to deserve such a wonderful child? Every month I marvel over that – how did we get so lucky as to have him? Let me share why he is so wonderful…

      • He sleeps!! While naps during the day may be a bit all over the place (30 minutes to 2 hours), at night he will consistently go down around 10:30pm and sleep until around 7am. WITHOUT WAKING IN BETWEEN. Carter doesn’t even sleep this well at two.
      • He is an observer and his favorite thing to observe is his brother. He loves watching Carter and I never thought about how much entertainment an older kid is to the younger one … it is awesome.
      • Since he is an observer, he is a pretty mellow kid. He is getting a bit more active as he gets older – he would rather stand than sit with you so he can bounce a bit, but overall I would say he is just a mellow, easy going kid.
      • He has to fall asleep with a blanket over his face during naptime. It is the funniest thing, he loves having his face covered up.
      • The fastest way to get him to quiet down if he is upset is to have Carter sing the ABCs to him – it is ADORABLE.
      • Gavin is noisy – blowing bubbles, doing zerbers, cute general baby squeals. I think he will likely be a talker too.
      • I don’t think I noted it, but he has been sleeping in his crib for well over a month now. Shortly after we moved in, we transitioned him into his own room since he was sleeping so well already. With that, we still have him in a swaddle at night.
      • While he rolled over for the first time several weeks ago, he hasn’t done it since then. Until his actually monthly birthday– he rolled over a bunch of times in both directions! And lately he has been very close to rolling over from back to front.
      • He is strong and really holds his head up well – but I haven’t been doing enough tummy time with him so I am stressed out he is going to have a flat head in the back!
      • His eyes are definitely going to be brown – he is so my child, haha. And he is a gorgeous baby – not in the “it’s my kid so I think he is cute” way, but he is startlingly handsome, especially when he smiles and his whole face lights up.

      I had his four month check up yesterday and here is where he nets out:

      Height: 26” 80th percentile (2 months: 23.5” 70th percentile)
      Weight: 13lbs 15oz 35th percentile (2 months: 12lbs 1oz)
      Head Circumference: 17” 75th percentile (2 months: 16.2” 80th percentile)

      Gavin is definitely on the longer, leaner side. I checked Carters stats at this age and he was the same way – though I think he may have weighed a bit more than Gavin (Carters appointment was 10 days before he turned 4 months, Gavin’s was five days after).

      And here is the little man himself: